Sliding Door Options for the Kensington range

At JWS we have taken bespoke design to a different level. Elegant, relaxed, contemporary or traditional whatever look you are trying to create can be achieved by choosing from over 40 finishes and blending dozens of panel effects to create the look that is perfect for you. There are two styles of sliding door, the Kensington is offered in a well balanced selection of steel frame colours. Choose from a striking titanium or gold effect to warm wood grain or vinyl and paint finishes.

Colours / Panels and Glass finishes

The full door panels for both ranges can be constructed from a wide range of mirror effects, coloured glass, metallic glass, satin glass and solid panels as shown below. Alternatively unleash your imagination and combine the various colours and materials to create your own individual ‘Japanese style’ multi-panel effect sliding door wardrobe. The number of panels and the proportions are up to you. Some examples are shown at the bottom of this page.

A wide and well balanced range containing classic, modern and trend orientated products. From MFC boards with realistic surface textures to coloured glass’ that sparkle, giving your doors added perspective. For more colours please click here.

MFC group 1 (8mm)

MFC group 2 (18mm)

Colours / frames and tracks

From a range of well balanced wood grain effect Steel to striking Brushed Aluminium and everything in between, lifeless door frames are now a thing of the past.

Kensington // Paint

Kensington // Solid Vinyl

Kensington // Wood Grain

Kensington // Lacquered Finish


75% : 25%
60% : 40%
33% : 10% : 57%
33% : 33% : 33%
25% : 50% : 25%
25% : 25% : 25% : 25%